bodies are burned on the streets in China

Amidst the rapid spread of Covid-19, it is reported that some people in China have started burning the bodies of their family members who died infected with the virus in the streets.

China lifted its “Zero-Covid” policy last month after three years of strict restrictions that led to a rapid spread of the virus in the country.

International health experts have now predicted that nearly 2.1 million people will die from the virus in China in the coming months.

covid infected bodies are burned on the streets

Meanwhile, funeral parlor owners and hospitals in China say that they are unable to control the number of corpses infected with COVID in the current situation. Despite this situation, the Chinese authorities state that the number of people who have died from the virus infection is only 5,000.

Reports from the country show that due to the increase in demand for crematoriums, the amount charged for cremation has also increased, so some families who are unable to afford the expenses are now in the position of carrying out the last rites of their deceased relatives by themselves.

The foreign media further stated that the videos that are being shared on social networks in China are videos showing temporary cremation activities.

The foreign media further mentioned that in some urban places as well as in rural areas of China, temporary crematoria are being built and corpses infected with COVID are being cremated.

Covid cases have soared in Shanghai, China, with an estimated 70 percent of the city’s 25 million people infected with the virus.

In an interview conducted by a foreign media agency with a funeral service provider in Beijing, China, an employee stated that they can organize a cremation of a corpse in three days at a cost of 68,000 yuan. Also, the amount charged to cremate a dead body in one day is 88,000 yuan.

bodies are burned on the streets in China

Also, the foreign media further mentioned that corpses of people who died infected with Covid have been piled up in morgues, places where funeral services are provided as well as crematoriums.

One foreign media agency mentioned that the current situation in China is similar to the situation in India in 2021 when the delta strain spread across the country and tens of thousands of people lost their lives.

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