Elon Musk to step down from Head of Twitter

Twitter  CEO Elon Musk is restricted voting policy on social media platform inside the Twitter will only account votes of users with blue tick on their accounts

The policy shift occurred shortly after he launched a poll on Sunday asking whether he should step down as CEO of Twitter.

Elon also stated in his tweet that he would follow the results of the poll. Faced with a massive backlash, Twitter users overwhelmingly voted in a referendum to remove Jack Dorsey as CEO of the social media platform.

Elon Musk to step down from Head of Twitter

Details about when he will be stepping down from the position or not shared, his father claimed that he has not found a successor yet. Over 17.5 million people participated in the poll organized by Mark, and about 57.5% of the votes were for us while 42.5% were against the idea of Elon stepping down.

Elon has not commented directly on the pole since the result, but he has stated that it will change its rules so that only people who pay a subscription can vote on company policies.

Twitter’s paid-for verification feature was rolled out for the second time last week, but it was removed soon after its launch. The service costs 8 dollars per month and $11 for people using the Twitter app on Apple devices. The subscription was planned to give it a blue tick.

Elon Musk cannot be possibly removed from Twitter as he owns the majority of the shares. However, some of his recent decisions, including banding an account that reported the tractor location of his private jet and suspending critical journalists who reported on the band.

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