Rishi Sunak

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been issued a fine by the police for traveling in a car without wearing a seat belt.

Social media has released a video in which the Prime Minister was traveling in the back seat of his car without wearing a seat belt.
It has been revealed that he was not wearing a seat belt there.

There was a big discussion in the country about the mistake made by the prime minister.

Meanwhile, foreign media have mentioned that the Prime Minister fully accepts his guilt.

Lancashire Police said the fine was issued after investigating a video of the passenger not wearing a seat belt.

Foreign media reports that a person who travels in a vehicle without wearing a seat belt in Britain will have to pay a fine of 500 British pounds.

This is the second time Rishi Sunak has been fined by the police while holding government office.

The police fined then-Finance Minister Rishi Sunak in August 2022.

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