China's borders are now open

After Covid’s closure for three years, China’s borders are now open to tourists.

As the country fights a rise in cases, it will no longer be necessary to quarantine incoming travelers, marking a significant shift in its COVID policy.Many people are excited about the move because they want to see family again.

They will still need evidence that a PCR test was negative within 48 hours of traveling.

In the coming weeks, 400,000 people from Hong Kong are expected to enter mainland China, causing long lines for flights to Beijing and Xiamen.

On Sunday, double-decker coaches carrying a slew of travelers arrived at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge in order to board buses that would take them to Guangdong province. Among the passengers were college students who were returning to their homes.

One man told to media that he had just bought a ticket back to the mainland and could not contain his excitement because he had not seen his extended family in three years.

Despite the fact that one of her parents had colon cancer, a woman told the news agency Reuters that she had not seen her parents in years and that she was “so, so happy.”

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