population decline

There’s the COVID-19 disaster. China’s economic strength is apparently fading, and now the only strength that China thought it could hold on to is depleting as well. the world’s most populous country, which is on track to reverse its population. What does that mean in simple terms? China’s population is shrinking. The country has not said so in as many words, but very soon it will be releasing uneasy data.

number of births in 2022, and this data is expected to bear bad news. One independent demographer has estimated that the number of births in China last year was around 10 million, which happens to be a record low and plummeting birth rate.

means its population is shrinking, and Chinese officials could not be more worried. Just look at the sort of policies that Chinese officials are rolling out. The Shenzhen City Health Commission has promised a cash reward of 19,000 yuan to couples who have a third child. The couple will also receive yearly incentives until the child turns three years old.

Similar cash incentives have also been promised to couples who have a second child or their first. A similar announcement has also been made in Janam, which is a city in the

Shandong province couples have been told that they will receive a monthly child care subsidy of 600 Yuan if they have a second or third child this year, and the City of Yachang in central Hubby has also announced a similar child care subsidy.

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