Buzz Aldrin

Media have reported that Buzz Aldrin, who worked as a former astronaut in America, got engaged for the fourth time on his 93rd birthday.

Buzz Aldrin also made history as the second commander to walk on the moon after Neil Armstrong during the world-famous Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

It is also special that he is the only person who is alive among the four who participated in the moon journey.

He released photos of his wedding on social media and announced that he married his long-time love, Anca Faur, one of the greatest living aviators.

His successor, Anca Faur, is a chemical engineer with a PhD and is now 63 years old.

Due to the Apollo 11 moon landing mission in 1969, the historic moment of the world-famous Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon can be regarded as a wonderful moment watched by 600 million people around the world on television.

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