Requests have been made from thousands of people around the world to adopt the Syrian baby who survived like a miracle while the family including the mother who gave birth breathed her last in the rubble.

She is given the name Aya, which means miracle in Arabic, by the hospital authorities where she is being treated.

The story of little Aya, who was still connected to her mother by the umbilical cord when she was rescued from the wreckage, is truly a miracle.

Many people were sound asleep when Turkey shook and shook near the Syrian border in the early hours of last Monday.

In Turkey as well as in Syria, thousands of buildings and houses were leveled to the ground in just a few moments.

It took a few moments for the building with the house where Aya’s mother and all the family were to be destroyed by this tragedy that happened before those who woke up from sleep and blinked an eye.

The mother who gave birth to Aya in the rubble breathed her last.

According to foreign media reports, when little Aya saw the light of day, not only the mother, but also the father and four brothers also passed away in the rubble.

The rescuers are working to hospitalize the baby who was taken out of the wreckage, and baby Aya, who was already struggling to breathe, had bruises and scratches all over her body.

A few hours after the earthquake, a scene showing a person running holding a new born baby covered in dust spread across the world on social media last Monday.

That is the scene of the rescue of little Aya.

The number of people killed in the Turkey-Syria earthquake has now exceeded 20,000, of which over 17,000 are Turkish citizens, and the number of dead in Syria is over 3,000.

12 hours after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck 17.9 km from the surface of the earth on Monday (06) morning Turkish time, a second strong aftershock was felt towards the north.


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