coronavirus in Shanghai

The financial capital of China is falling. The coronavirus has infected 70% of Shanghai people.

The claim of a top doctor is that this is doomsday, with a population of 26.3 million, of which 20 million are infected.

This is the worst-case scenario, and with China involved, it means a double whammy: if healthcare suffers, the economy suffers as well, because China relies on Shanghai for growth, and it also has the highest GDP of any Chinese city, totaling $679 billion.

Shanghai has the world’s third largest stock market, and some 800 MMCs have regional or country headquarters here. There are 70000 non-Chinese companies with offices here.

if Shanghai falls China’s place in the global economy is false, as is its claim that the world’s factory falls, and guess what? Shanghai has fallen, and China is silent, like it has been for a while now, silent on the number of cases and silent on the real number of deaths.

China is carrying out switch surveillance. What does that mean? That the wastewater from toilets and sinks is being tested. Next question: why? Because some experts believe water data can actually detect infections before clinical data.

That is, it would not need to snoop around people in order to waste water. Consider that we can assume 70% of Shanghai residents are infected.

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