COVID virus pandemic 2023

The question everyone wants an answer to is: “Will the COVID virus pandemic end in 2023?”

Or will 2023 be like 2020, which was like 2021, which was not too different from 2020? That sounds confusing.

Doesn’t it feel like we’ve been trapped in a vicious cycle? One hopes that 2023 will be different and bring the light at the end of the tunnel.

But will 2023 bring an end to this pandemic? The answer depends on a lot of factors, and we will go through them one by one.

Of course, China, the top of the list and the COVID virus’s home country, is erupting again, and Beijing is once again concealing the outbreak.

The photos and videos coming out of China are scary. What happens next with regard to the COVID virus depends on what happens next in China, and experts say 1 to 2 million people could die from the COVID virus in China by the end of 2023.

Why does it matter now that China has reversed its 0 COVID policy and Chinese President Xi Jinping has thrown open the gates of China and encouraged travel beginning in January? People will not be required to quarantine upon arrival in China.

Half of the passengers on two flights from China to Milan are infected. These Chinese COVID carriers could trigger a fresh wave of infections and push us over the finish line of the pandemic.

So if we are to end the pandemic next year, we must stop flights from China and also the spread of the infection here. Why else would there be variance? You see, as long as the virus is around, it will continue to mutate.

The mutations will produce new variants, some of which will spread more easily, while others will be more lethal, and our vaccines may not be effective against all variants. As the virus spreads, it may even become harder to stop.

So vaccination is the most important thing we can do to stop the pandemic. Only vaccination can help us find the virus. And what is the current state of vaccination?

When you look at just rich countries, it’s great that countries like Qatar and the UAE have achieved 100% vaccination.

but when you zoom out, like in Burundi, with only 5% of the population at the time, it brings us back to the question, “Will the COVID virus pandemic end in the new year?”


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