next billion people

A United Nations report indicates that it will take another 14 years for the total population of the world to increase to 09 billion, which currently has a population of 08 billion.

The report states that half of the next billion population will be reported from only eight countries and five of them will be reported from countries representing the African continent. Those South African countries include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania.

According to the United Nations, the global population is increasing due to increased life expectancy and lower death rates due to improvements in health care.

The latest data from the United Nations Population Division put global life expectancy at 70.8 years for men and 75.6 years for women, compared to 68 years and 73 years respectively in 2010.

The global population is projected to reach a peak of 10.4 billion in the 2080s and remain at that level until 2100.

Some scientists estimate that the maximum number of people that can live on earth is between 09-10 billion according to the available resources.

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