ukraine russia war

Russian troops have opened fire on a number of Ukrainian cities. Ukraine says that five people have died and 27 others have been injured in Dinipro, in eastern Ukraine.

Firefighters and rescue workers rushed to the site to rescue the wounded Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has stated its intention to send some of its main Challenger battle tanks to Ukraine, along with additional artillery support.

Finland also joined Poland in saying it could send German-made Leopard tanks, but the Russian Embassy has taken offense to that. Moscow has issued a warning that sending British tanks to Ukraine will only intensify the conflict.

The U.S. also pledged more weapons to Kiev, which are increasingly lethal in nature. The U.S. would be sending Bradley armored vehicles and Humvees. the mine-resistant ambush vehicles Germany has also promised a Patriot battery system and armored vehicles as the Ukraine seems to be gearing up for more offensives in the spring season.

Meanwhile, Tokyo says it is ready to push for local ceasefires in Ukraine because neither Moscow nor Kiev has the military means to win the war.

While Turkey admits that a peace deal in the coming months is unlikely, the brutal cost of fighting may soon force Moscow and Kiev to consider truces in specific war zones. Russia, however, claims a victory in solidarity.

Ukraine strongly denies the claim, with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zalinski stating that the battle for Bakmut, Salida, and other cities and villages in the country is still ongoing. The state Border Guard Service of Ukraine, which released a video claiming that its forces are still holding out in Salida after a hot night of fighting,


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