rapid spread of COVID

The international community has blamed the Chinese government for the rapid spread of COVID. 

Foreign media reports that after the relaxation of the COVID restrictions by the Chinese government, the spread of the Corona virus is showing rapid growth in the country.

According to the foreign media, the Chinese authorities have also admitted that it has become difficult to control the disease project and identify the infected people after the closure of the Corona testing centers that had been established across the country.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has also paid close attention to the spread of COVID in China.The organization is urging China’s government to reveal the truth about the spread of COVID in the country.

Also, the World Health Organization has already emphasized that China should take steps to strengthen the anti-COVID vaccination process through measures such as giving booster doses to prevent the increase in the number of hospitalizations and to control the death rate.

Foreign media continue to report how hospitals in China are full of infected people and crematoria are full of corpses.The foreign media points out that this situation, which existed in China’s cities, is now also rising in the rural areas.

In such a background, international attention has been focused on the simultaneous relaxation of the COVID laws and the subsequent lack of plans for disease control in China.

According to foreign media, in the last month alone, about 40 percent of the Chinese population has been infected with the Corona virus. The Corona virus has infected 50% of the population in some Chinese cities.

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