ban the use of single-use plastic

England has decided to ban the use of single-use plastic spoons, forks, plates, etc.

Citing the country’s environment secretary, Therese Coffey, media reports that the English government has taken this decision with the aim of protecting the natural environment for the future generations of the country.

It has not yet been announced when this ban, which is already in effect in Scotland and Wales, will be implemented in England.

Statistics show that 1.1 billion single-use cups and more than 4 billion cutlery are released into the environment every year in England, and this non-degradable plastic waste ends up in landfills for years.

The environment secretary further says that with the implementation of this ban, the environmental pollution caused by throwing away plastic pigeons can be prevented and it will help to protect the natural environment for the future generations.

However, from the year 2020, the use of plastic straws, cotton buds, etc., will be banned indoors.

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